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Superpartners supports administrators on two important working groups


The voice of Superpartners is loud and clear as we accept two invitations to help implement SuperStream.

On 1 February, the Government established the Stronger Super Peak Consultative Group. The group is supported by several sub-committees, including the SuperStream working group who will provide specialist advice on super administration.

Superpartners has been appointed to the SuperStream working group. The group aims to provide a consistent, integrated approach to implementing the Stronger Super reforms.

In addition, Superpartners Manager, Strategy and Policy, Hans van Daatselaar, has been appointed as Chair of the AIST Stronger Super sub-committee, SuperStream. “Having an adequate cross section of our industry to work collaboratively with the government is ultimately the way forward and being part of that is a very exciting opportunity for Superpartners,” said Hans.

Both groups met for the first time in February to commence the initial planning stages of transforming the superannuation industry.