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Superpartners supports administrators on two important working groups


The voice of Superpartners is loud and clear as we accept two invitations to help implement SuperStream.

On 1 February, the Government established the Stronger Super Peak Consultative Group. The group is supported by several sub-committees, including the SuperStream working group who will provide specialist advice on super administration.

Superpartners has been appointed to the SuperStream working group. The group aims to provide a consistent, integrated approach to implementing the Stronger Super reforms.

In addition, Superpartners Manager, Strategy and Policy, Hans van Daatselaar, has been appointed as Chair of the AIST Stronger Super sub-committee, SuperStream. “Having an adequate cross section of our industry to work collaboratively with the government is ultimately the way forward and being part of that is a very exciting opportunity for Superpartners,” said Hans.

Both groups met for the first time in February to commence the initial planning stages of transforming the superannuation industry. 

Our scale matters, we are the largest superannuation service provider in Australia